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Students' projects

The APEEE works in conjunction with the EEB3 students committee to support the students with specific projects, mainly to provide logistical support or to facilitate interaction with parents e.g. for the collection of any financial payments related to these projects.

A list of school projects can be found on the school website.


(click on link to Spring fest page)

(click to pdf with order /payment details when available)


The Bac Yearbook is the project dedicated to the collection of memories going back to the students’ early years. Each class has a designated space where every student is described by his classmates through plenty of anecdotes and photos that bring to mind the beautiful years that they have spent together.

The Bac Jumpers is a project led by the S7 students who want to create a souvenir jumper that marks their year. The Bac Jumper committee, composed of S7 students, decides on a logo and slogan for their jumper by leading polls and discussions.

The “Bac Ball” (Bal du Bac) symbolizes the last days of schooling before S7 students access their academic and professional life. Both the School and the APEEE seek to provide a framework of support for the organisation of this event, which is organised by parents with the support of the S7 educational advisor. Central for the organisation is the support of the Bal du Bac committee which is composed of S7 students who give soul to the project with their fresh and innovative ideas... More info.