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Online form to send to APEEE - Covid-19 case 

If your child tested positive to the COVID-19, please login onto MyAPEEE to complete the specific online form in order to notify the APEEE.

You can find this form:

  • In the “Family” section > click on the “Submit new Covid case” tab
  • In your child’s section > click on the “COVID” tab (on the menu, between the “Transport” and the “Weekly program”)

A confirmation email including the details submitted will be sent to your email address.

N.B. Please note that the school and APEEE accept only certified COVID-19 cases, thus a copy of the PCR or rapid test will be requested.

Update Notifications COVID-19 in the APEEE services 02/2022

Safety measures - APEEE services 2021/2022


Use of face masks no longer mandatory on school buses

Following the decision of the Belgian authorities to remove the requirement to wear face masks on public transport from 23/05/2023, please note that the use of face masks on school buses is no longer mandatory.

Pupils are nevertheless encouraged to wear a mask, especially in view of the exam period for secondary pupils.

New COVID-19 safety measures in the APEEE services



Extracurricular activities