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Canteen FAQ

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In compliance with the safety measures agreed by the Wallonia-Bruxelles Federation and the EEB3, necessary adjustments have been implemented towards the daily service and the time schedule of the Canteen service.

Please find all useful information:

1. General information


For general enquiries : 02 211 40 05 (10AM - 12AM)

For suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Canteen WG.


Purchase of badge and/or individual tickets for the canteen (first floor of the Building A, in front of the main refectory):
10:30 - 11:00 and 12:45 – 13:30
APEEE has exclusive competence for the canteen service (with no involvement of the school management). The daily operation is ensured by the APEEE staff of the Canteen Office and kitchen staff while a dedicated Canteen Working Group, made up of parent representatives (Board Members) is responsible for the general oversight of the service.

The Canteen staff together with Ms Catherine Wauters, the nutritionist, establishes weekly and monthly menus according to the season and the specific period of the school year, and adapting the portion-sizes for the different age-groups.

All meals for the Canteen and the Cafeteria are prepared in-house by the Cantine kitchen staff

2. Menu

The menu of the day is uploaded every morning on the APEEE website, in the Canteen homepage.
Please consult also the monthly menu .
Canteen lunch includes a soup or fresh vegetables, a hot main course and a dessert. Bread and water are also available. For nursery and P1/P2 pupils, fresh vegetables or a soup are proposed as a starter at the table. From P3 onwards, pupils may serve themselves with soup or fresh vegetables from four self- service bars. The main course is served at the beginning of the service; the dessert is served 10 minutes before the end of the service.
In general, the canteen aims to propose simple, non-sophisticated meals, with separation of components (meat/side-dish/vegetables), with very limited presence of deep fried and pre-processed food and limited amount of salt. Traditional foods and recipes from the sections represented in the School are available on a regular basis. Once a month, under the heading "I taste & I discover", the canteen offers a traditional menu from one of the language sections represented in the School or other European cuisines.
According to the Canteen Food Policy, the vegetarian option is included in the menu of the Canteen: Nursery and pupils from P1 and P2 will receive either fresh vegetables or soup, depending on the days. Pupils from P3 and older can also use one of the four salad bars; soup is available on most of the days at a soup-bar. Components of the main course are separated, to allow children to easily eat just the vegetarian ones. For secondary pupils a hot and cold non-meat alternative is available every day (Green Meal).
As a general rule, the canteen tries to use locally sourced seasonal ingredients, provided by companies committed to sustainability. Meat is carefully chosen, supplied by Belgian companies that implement responsible animal husbandry, with no use of antibiotics.
Although the APEEE is very attentive to intolerances and allergies and is investigating new leads, in practical terms it is not possible to respond to specific cases, thus to prepare special menus for individual needs. Parents are invited to check the information about the ingredients of the menus that is displayed in the web site on a daily basis.
Parents wishing to share a lunch with their pupil in the students' canteen are kindly invited to send a request by e-mail to the Canteen Office at least 24 hours in advance. Provided that the pupil is properly enrolled, parents are welcome to visit the canteen and have a lunch with each of their children for free once per trimester, i.e. up to three (3) times per school year and pupil.

3. Cafeteria

Cash is not accepted in the cafeteria.
All payment must be made with a personalised electronic badge, issued by the canteen office. All students registered in the canteen are provided with the electronic badge automatically.

The badge can be refilled:

online – login and password for the online charging of the badge is available on request from the Canteen office;

with cash at the machine in the cafeteria (0,10 - 2€ coins and notes);

with cash at the machine outside the Canteen Office (notes only).

4. Enrolment and Payment

Enrolment to the school canteen service is done separately for each pupil and exclusively through our Enrolment platform.

Existing enrolments need to be renewed for each new school year.

The annual enrolment period is open usually in June of the previous school year. The exact period is communicated to parents by email.

New enrolments are accepted at anytime. Prior payment of the APEEE annual membership fee (fixed amount per family) is a prerequisite for the enrolment for any of the APEEE services. All modifications to enrolments must be submitted online via our Enrolment platform
For more information, please consult our website’s page Canteen enrolment & cost.
Parents can enroll pupils in the canteen for any number of days per week (1-5) according to their school timetable. In case of partial enrolment, parents must indicate on which days the pupil eats at the canteen.
The price of the canteen service is fixed by decision of the Management Board in May for the following school year based on a proposal of the Canteen WG. The price is based on the school calendar (number of school days) and takes into account school holidays and the Springfest. The total price varies depending on the number of days (per week) a pupil enrols for. No discounts are applicable. Parents may consult the prices applicable for the current school year on the APEEE website
September-December 2020
o nursery and primary 15/09/2020
o secondary 15/10/2020
January-April 2021 15/09/2020
May-July 2021 15/03/2021
Parents will receive notification 7 days and 3 days before if not paid, 3 days, 7 days and 10 days after if late. No payment will result in exclusion of the child from the 1st day of the following month, and 15€ will be added.
Pupils not enrolled on a regular basis may buy an occasional lunch ticket for a given day. Tickets are available in the Canteen Office for 7 EUR per lunch. Secondary pupils wishing to buy an occasional ticket must be in the possession of an electronic badge, available from the Canteen Office.
It is very important to report the loss of the badge to the Canteen office as soon as you notice it, to prevent your credit from being used by third parties. Please note that the lost badge will be deactivated and that the pupil will have to purchase a new badge (for EUR 4) in order to have access to the canteen services.

All Nursery and Primary pupils who bring their lunch from home have lunch with their class in the refectory.
For Secondary students, there is a seating-eating area available in front of the canteen (ground/First Floor Building A,) where students who bring their sandwiches from home can sit and eat (two micro-wave ovens are available at the entrance to the canteen refectory).

5. Changes and reimbursement

Changes are possible only for fixed days and a determined period of time (e.g. learning support). Any change in enrolment will be considered as of the first day of the month following the request. Changes made during September are taken into account immediately.

Any voluntary change in the provision of a canteen service entails the payment of a fixed administrative fee of 15 EUR. The administrative fee will not be charged, for changes imposed by a change in the timetable of school courses.
All modifications to enrolments or request for cancellation must be submitted online via our Enrolment platform
Please find all useful information in the Canteen Enrolment and Cost.

A refund is made for all canteen services in cases of justified absence of a student (e.g., as of the 6th consecutive working day of absence, provided that the pupil is enrolled with the canteen service at least 3 days per week). Parents must inform the Canteen Office from the onset of the absence period and send the justification no more than one week after the end of the absence.

1. a) force majeure relating to School organisation: reimbursement is made to all parents in cases of unforeseen closure of the school for at least five consecutive school days;
2. b) definitive early departure: students leaving the school can obtain a refund as from the first full calendar month starting no fewer than fifteen days after the notification by the parent(s) to the APEEE;
3. c) changes: if the APEEE changes or cancels the services for which a pupil is enrolled, or if the school changes the student's timetable and thereby prevents the child from using the service
4. d) justified absence: a refund is made for all canteen services in cases of justified absence of a student (e.g., as of the 6th consecutive working day of absence, provided that the pupil is enrolled with the canteen service at least 3 days per week). Parents must inform the Canteen Office from the onset of the absence period and send the justification no more than one week after the end of the absence.

All requests for reimbursement must be addressed to the Canteen Office. All requests for changes resulting from the change of the student's timetable by the school must be submitted at least 5 working days before the requested change. Reimbursement shall be calculated pro rata temporis.

In order to give the pupils registered at the Canteen the opportunity to eat their meal, for all activities authorised by the School management at least 3 days in advance (e.g. tests, support, meetings, school outings, sports trips, etc.), a replacement ticket for the hot meal in the Canteen will be issued in exchange for a sandwich/ fruit/ drink ticket in the cafeteria.

For periodic activities the teacher or adviser should explicitly ask, depending on the number of participants, for a picnic supply (if more than 10 pupils) or a sandwich/food/drink ticket at the cafeteria.
In the case of a request for a ticket for a pupil/pupils participating in the Springfest, the request should be addressed by the Springfest Organising Committee, which will provide the list of participants to this event.

Same day requests will be refused.

6. Daily operation

The canteen is open from 11:20 to13:45 (the premises close at 14h). There are three (3) services of 30 minutes:
1st service Nursery 11:25
P1+P2 11:35
2nd service P3+P4+P5 12:15
3rd service S1+S2+S3+S4 12:50
S5+S6+S7 13:05

On Wednesdays, lunch starts at 11:50 for nursery pupils and at 13:00 for all other pupils.

The school is responsible for the supervision during lunch time, with the exception of Wednesday (see below).

The APEEE staff supervises the entry/exit of secondary pupils through the access control terminal of the refectory.
The table service staff made available through an external service provider, Atalian Global Services, is responsible for cleaning the tables before the next service.


• Nursery and P1-P2 pupils eat together with their classmates in the refectory, including the pupils with packed lunches ("tartinists"), supervised by their class teacher. There are designated seating areas for each class.

• P3-P5 pupils eat together with their classmates in the refectory, including pupils with packed lunches ("tartinists"), supervised by the class teacher or a school supervisor (1 for each table), who also ensure the table service. There are designated seating areas for each class.

• Secondary pupils: lunch supervision is ensured by school supervisors.


Nursery children: the teachers supervise the lunch, then accompany them to the school bus, at the meeting point of the OIB garderie at school, to the assembly place to be picked up by parents or to the designated places for extracurricular activities.

Lunch of children (primary & secondary) attending the OIB garderies: the OIB staff supervises the lunch and accompany the children to the bus for the OIB garderies.

Primary and secondary pupils not attending the OIB garderies: the APEEE staff supervises lunch at the cantine, then accompany them to their extracurricular activities or to the meeting point to be picked up by parents)

7. Wednesday lunch

If the pupil is enrolled in the Commission's afterschool childminding service ("garderie"), the price of the lunch is already included in the payment for the "garderie" service. Parents do not need to enrol the child in the canteen on Wednesday via the APEEE E-enrolment platform.

Nursery classes:
YES - as all nursery classes have lunch at school and can then take the bus/other options

Primary classes:
NO - children cannot take the bus since the departure is at 13.00 (lunchtime at the canteen)

Secondary classes:
NO students cannot take the bus since the departure is at 13.00 (lunchtime at the canteen)

YES if they take the option Box cafeteria ("take-away lunch bag" option on Wednesday (by selecting the appropriate option in the Wednesday drop-down menu in the MyAPEEE platform)

Yes. Pupils participating in extracurricular activities on Wednesday afternoon may eat at the canteen, if enrolled for the canteen. The APEEE staff supervises the lunch and then accompany the children to their extracurricular activity. Alternatively, a pupil may bring a packed lunch from home.