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Secondary pupils need to be in possession of an electronic badge, available for purchase via MyAPEEE. The price of the badge is 5 EUR (refundable deposit) and the badge is to be collected from the Canteen Office next to the refectory.

More information: Canteen Regulation


How to get the badge

Online on MyAPEEE: pay online the 5 euros deposit for the badge, to be collected at the Canteen office between 11:00 and 11:30

The badge is only available for purchase on MyAPEEE once the APEEE annual membership fee has been paid.

N.B. S1 pupils : distribution of badges purchased will be organised by the canteen in collaboration with the School 


How to top up the badge

Badges can be topped up online at Parents must contact the Canteen Office to obtain an access login to the online badge management system. An overview of past transactions with the badge is available online at

To receive your login details, please send a request to


Forgot/lost the badge?

A new QR scanner has been implemented since December 2021 for pupils enrolled who have forgotten/lost their badge to access the canteen. Please follow the next steps:

  1. Download the MyNetPay app (iOS or Android)
  2. Click on Apeeeb3
  3. Log in with your login and password
  4. Choose "QR" among the options or click on the APEEE logo, a QR code valid for one visit will be generated
  5. Go to the terminal n.4 and scan it!

Please remember that if you lose your badge, or if a lost badge is found, you need to inform the canteen office ASAP so that it can be blocked, to avoid someone else using it!

A new badge can be ordered directly on MyAPEEE