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Individual Music Lessons

Individual music lessons can be arranged on the school premises by mutual agreement with the music teacher and the ECA office. Lessons take place on:
15:30 - 18:00 15:30 - 18:00

Lessons start on the second week of the first term (September).

Each pupil must contact the teacher directly to fix lesson times - please see enrolment and costs for details.

Participation in individual music lessons is governed by the Regulation on Extracurricular Activities and the Music Convention.   The latter must be signed by the parents and deposited with the ECA Office on enrolment.

Lessons are payable in blocks of 10 x 30 minutes. If the length of the lesson is over 30 minutes the price will be adjusted proportionately. Pupils are expected to bring their own instrument (except for piano/percussion).

Continuation at the end of the cycle is automatic. Towards the end of each cycle, parents will receive a reminder for payment of the following cycle. If parents do not wish to continue, they should inform the ECA office before the end of the cycle. Where 80% of the cycle has been followed, the cycle cannot be cancelled and full payment is due even if the lessons no longer take place.

If a teacher is absent, every effort will be made to recuperate the lesson. If a pupil is absent, the teacher must be notified by 19h00 the day before, otherwise the lesson will be deemed to have been given and will be charged. Please ensure that teachers are also informed if a pupil will be absent due to a school related activity e.g. school trip, pedagogical day.

For further details please see the ECA REGULATION (section 2.5)