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Membership fee

  • Any parent/person exercising parental authority over one or more pupil of the school is eligible to be a member of the APEEE.
  • Membership is voluntary.
  • Membership is confirmed on payment of an annual membership fee.
  • The payment of the contribution confers to all school parents the right to be a full member of the APEEE, to use the APEEE services as well as to refer to the Association for any question related to the school management and authorities. It also gives the right to be elected as class representatives and to vote at the General Assembly.

The annual subscription fee is 50 EURO per family.

This fee is payable in May in advance of the school year in question.

The fee is required in order to provide the APEEE with sufficient funds to finance an administrative structure with staff in order to run the services provided. The members of the APEEE Board work on an unpaid, voluntary basis.

Membership of APEEE is granted on payment of an annual family membership fee as follows:
(i) New members should register and create an account in MyAPEEE. Further details are provided under How to Enrol.
(ii) Payment of the membership fee can be made electronically via MyAPEEE or by bank transfer in which case you are requested to inform the APEEE by email : indicating the date of transfer.

Bank Account: 310-1958679-4
IBAN: BE55 3101 9586 7944
Account Name: APEEE Bruxelles III
Account Address: Boulevard du Triomphe 135 - 1050 - Bruxelles
Communication: APEEE BXL III - Affaires Générales + name of the child/children