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School Library

Would you like to support the school library by joining a team of volunteer parents?

There are a number of opportunities for parent volunteers to get involved and support the library staff, in particular in the nursery/ primary school.

If you are interested in any one of these opportunities, PLEASE CONTACT THE NURSERY/PRIMARY LIBRARIAN.

2 days a week, pupils in primary school have the possibility to go to the library during their lunch break, where they can read independently or listen to a story or just for some quiet time. The pupils are split into 2 groups:

11h50 – 12h10 12h10 – 12h30
P3 / P4 / P5 P1 / P2

Parent volunteers are needed to assist with the supervision and story-telling.

When?: Mondays and Tuesdays at 11h50 – 12h30

The school library (both primary and secondary) rely on support from volunteer parents for the encoding of new books in certain languages, notably Czech, Greek, Slovak and to a lesser extent Dutch, German and Spanish.

Interested parents who are used to working with Microsoft Office are offered a half day training at the school in September.

A growing number of parents are getting involved with learning the art of Kamisihibai. This is a visual story telling tradition originating in Japan. The Kamisihibai is a small theatre box with large prints on the back of which is printed a story that the narrator reads whilst the listener sees a related image. Parents who are interested can be trained in this art and then perform this form of story telling in small groups within primary classes.


Nursery & Primary Librarian │ European School - Brussels III
Tel:  +32 (0)2 629 47 40