General Description of the bus service

The bus monitors
The bus monitors

List of names of bus drivers ans supervisors

Transport Regulation

The transport service is provided by way of contracts with the following bus companies:

  • • Eurobussing/Keolis
  • • Alba cars
  • • Kim cars
  • • Voyages Stars
  • • Autocars Gilles
  • • Hermès Lines

Around 2250 pupils of the School are registered with the bus service on a yearly basis.

Almost every commune in Brussels (within a reasonable radius from the School) is covered by the service.

Morning service

There is a single bus service collection every morning to bring the children to school. Pick-up time is communicated to the parents by mail and the routes are organised so that all buses should normally arrive at the school between 8:00 and 8:20 at the latest.

Normal afternoon service

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, there are two departures at the end of the school day to bring the children home. The 1st departure from Kindergarden to S2 leaves at 15h35 and the 2nd departure for Secondary at 16h30.

The 1st afternoon departure gives priority to pupils from nursery, primary, S1, and S2. Pupils from higher secondary years are accepted on the 1st departure subject to availability. If there is no space on the 1st departure, older pupils will be required to wait in the étude for the 2nd departure.

There are limited places on the 2nd bus departure:
Please note that buses are limited and that Secondary students have priority.

Based on requests received up until 15 September, the order of priority for places on the 2nd bus departure is as follows:

  • all Secondary pupils
  • Périscolaire pupils (i) maternelle pupils; (ii) siblings of maternelle pupils; (iii) others.
  • Others (i) to the parent's place of work; (ii) to the grand parent's house
  • Change of normal bus to go to an activity outside the school
  • Exceptional cases on request

After 15 September, all new requests for 2nd bus departure places are treated as exceptional cases, with no claim to priority.

If, exceptionally, during the transitional period at the beginning of the school year, a second departure bus is oversubscribed, the transport office will take care of all the children and will send home any students who cannot find a place by taxi. Students should arrive on the parking area early enough to allow the transport office to establish which buses require attention. Parents will be kept informed.

The 2nd departure gives priority to Secondary pupils. Younger children attending périscolaire activities may use the 2nd bus departure subject to availability, and at the stops used by the Secondary pupils.

Please note: The 2nd departure bus service stops around the 20th of June, when there are no more lessons for the students of the Secondary school.

Wednesday only one departure at 13h

On Wednesdays there is a lunchtime departure at 13h00 to take the children home. Note that because there is a different combination of children on the buses, the Wednesday bus will likely follow a route with different stops to the other afternoon services and will normally use the same stops as the morning (possibly on the other side of the road). In case of doubt about the precise location of the Wednesday stops, please contact the transport office.

Friday lunchtime service

On Fridays, in addition to the normal two afternoon departures, there is an extra lunchtime service at 12h30 to the EC garderies/child minding facilities ONLY. This garderie service is provided by the Commission, and is open to children of parents working for the EU institutions. For further information, parents should consult the intranet of their institution.

Children in nursery, P1 and P2 finish school at lunchtime and must be collected from school by the parents unless the children are going to the EC garderie, or unless they have a périscolaire activity which keeps them at school until the first afternoon departure at 15h35.

EC Garderie/ after-school child minding bus service

The bus service to the EC garderie/after-school child minding service runs as follows:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 1st departure at 15h35 only
  • Wednesday lunchtime departure at 13h30 after lunch in the canteen, under supervision of monitors from the garderie service
  • Fridays, extra service to the garderie at 12h30 after lunch in the canteen, under supervision of class teachers (nursery, P1 and P2 only), as well as the 1st afternoon departure at 15h35