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Please find all useful information on the Covid-19 safety measures implemented in the APEEE Ixelles services in our

Covid-19 webpage
The APEEE Extracurricular Activities Regulation includes all rules and procedures that underpin the service and its operation. It is compulsory for all users of this service. It includes the following information:
  • - practical information on the planning, organisation and daily running of the activities;
  • - the role and obligations of all actors involved in the daily operation and use of the service (ECA Office, instructors, parents, pupils);
  • - the enrolment procedures and rules regarding transfer between activities
  • - rules regarding financial aspects (registration, cancellation and reimbursement)
  • - specific provisions applying at different times of the year (e.g. beginning/end of term, Springfest,…);
  • - provisions on safety (including sickness and accidents) and discipline
  • - communications and complaints procedure
Pupils’ Code of Conduct

During extracurricular activities as in school and community life, respecting a few rules helps to ensure the right environment to play and grow together:

I have the right to… I have the obligation to…
Enroll to the activity Be up to date with payment
Attend the activity Participate actively in the activity
Have a good quality lesson Follow the rules of good behaviour
Have adequate materials Respect the materials and treat them appropriately
Play during the activity Follow the directions of the monitor
Be respected Respect the monitor and the other children
Speak Listen to the monitor
Not to understand Try my hardest to understand with the help of the monitor
Not to succeed Keep trying hard to succeed
To be tired Tell the monitor and follow his advice
Not to be in the mood Respect other children who are in the mood
Go to the toilet Ask permission from the monitor
Drink during the activity Respect the time allowed for this
Take the bus after the activity if there is a space available Follow the monitor and listen to the rules in the bus parking