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Payments - Useful information

All APEEE services payments are due in advance.
Direct Debit can be established for the payment of the canteen, by signing a mandate for each child. The 3 instalments are then automatically made at the requested date. The direct debit is established for all the school years your child will be registered with the canteen, and can be cancelled at any time. For information on direct debits and to ask for a mandate, please send an email at
Service Instalments When
Upon reception of the automated email from the system stating the amount, deadline and payment methods,
through bank transfer
(1st term) 15/10
(2nd term) 15/12
(3rd term) 15/04
The Canteen fee is paid directly by parents at the enrolment.

Bank Account: IBAN BE28 3101 5132 3120

To activate a direct debit, please download the following form:
Direct debit mandate

(full annual amount
6 months amount, February-June)
Payable on approval of enrolment to the activity, usually before the end of August/beginning of the school year, even if the activity starts in the second semester (beginning of February). The fees for the Extracurricular activities are paid directly by parents on approval of enrolment to the activity.

Bank Account: IBAN BE77 3101 9586 7742

(1st term) 15/09
(2nd term) 15/12
(3rd term) 15/04
The Transport fee is paid directly by the parents for Nursery children.
For Primary and Secondary students, transport fees are either paid by the parents themselves in 3 installments (1 per trimester) or, if eligible for the EU Educational allowance, by one of the parents' employer (in this case, it will be made automatically)

Bank Account: IBAN BE66 3101 9586 7843

NB. The terms are subdivided as follows:

01/09-31/12/2021 or 04/09-20/12/2021
01/01-30/04/2022 or 07/01-30/04/2022
01/05-31/08/2022 or 04/05-03/07/2022