The Parents Association of the European School Brussels III – Ixelles is open to all parents of pupils at the school.


The role of the APEEE is to represent the pedagogical interests of families in the decision making bodies of the school (for example, the School Board, the School Advisory Committee, the Education Councils, etc.) The APEEE also supports all initiatives allowing increased participation of parents in school life. It cooperates to solve problems of parents derived from the education of their children.


The APEEE organises and participates in many working groups.


In addition to the important statutory task to represent the interests of parents in the bodies of the school the Association is also responsible for the management of school transportation and, in cooperation with the school, of cultural and sportive after school activities, of the cafeteria and of the canteen.

Pupils are invited to participate in those services, access to which is possible only when their parents have paid the membership dues.

More details in the article "Membership and fees".