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Collective Activities

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Daily Organisation of Collective After School Activities

Every effort is taken to assist pupils in the transition from the end of school to the start of extracurricular activities, notably for nursery and primary students. Nursery and P1/P2 pupils are accompanied by their teacher/monitor to and from the activities. Older pupils go to and from their activities independently. A detailed description of the individual scenarios per section and per school day is provided in section 5.1 of the ECA Regulation – Meeting Points.

Pupils must be supervised at all times when on the school premises. Therefore, pupils who finish school at 15h20 and are only registered for an extracurricular activity starting at 16h30 must register to attend Snack & Go or Monitored Study (Etude) for the period 15h30 – 16h30.
Parents collecting children from school
Nursery / Primary Activities
Collection point:
Mon / Tue / Thurs / Fri 16:30
Wednesday 13.30
School Bus Parking Area
Wednesdays 14:30 and later Parent’s Room
(next to the Guard’s lodge – lower school exit)
Fridays (P1-P2) 13:45 Upper entrance (towards Delta)
School Bus Parking Area

Please note that collection times must be respected by parents. For late arrivals (more than 15 minutes) the supervisory staff from Snack & Go will take charge of the pupil and a fee of EURO 10 will be charged . For further details, please see section 5.4 of the ECA REGULATION.

Pupils returning home alone after the activities must have received prior written authorisation from their parent/legal guardian.

All activities are organised in coordination with the transport office to facilitate the return home of pupils after the activities (as long as the pupil is registered for transport services). Parents must indicate the correct bus number on the enrolment form as well as in the pupil’s agenda for each day of participation. In case of doubt, the pupil will be kept at school and the parents required to collect the child from the school premises. All changes to the normal arrangements must be notified in advance by email to the Transport office and ECA Office and marked in the pupil’s agenda.

Nursery and Primary activities take place from 15:30 until 16:15, so that children can take the second bus home. They will be accompanied to the bus by the monitor/instructor. Transport on the second bus is subject to availability. Please note that the second bus service does not run during the last 10 days of the summer term (during the BAC oral exams).

Please note: Parents are responsible for collecting pupils from activities which take place outside school and/or after the second bus service.

For full details, please see section 5.3 of the ECA Regulation.