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Bus Routes

The APEEE Transport service covers almost every commune in Brussels. The details concerning the communes served by the school buses can be consulted in the APEEE Transport Regulation.

The circuits and timetables are not available on the website due to general security reasons.

Our bus routes are regularly revised on the basis of actual demand (especially following new enrolments) and the rules and requirements set out in the APEEE Transport Regulation.

This means that our bus routes cover, to the extent possible, general axes and larger roads. Please keep in mind that we provide a school bus service that cannot operate on a door-to-door basis.

The bus routes and the capacity of our buses are decided exclusively on the basis of a home – school – home (or school – garderie) journey of our pupils.

APEEE provides a collective transport service that must care for the general interest of pupils over individual needs. The main aim is to secure a place for each pupil on our buses, guarantee safety, ensure a timely arrival at school so as not to disrupt the school schedule and minimise journey time as much as possible.

The Garderie Ixelles does not provide staff to take the children to the buses, and only authorises adults to collect the children.
Children going to Garderie Ixelles will not be able to take the bus that day.