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Enrolment and Cost

Enrolment to the school transport service needs to be done separately for each pupil and exclusively through MyAPEEE. It needs to be renewed each school year, during the annual subscription period (the exact periods, usually in May/June of the previous school year, are communicated to parents in due time).

Pupils can be admitted to their designated buses, only when their parents have received a confirmation of their annual enrolment.


There are currently two possible types of enrolment to the school transport service, namely:

  • - A full subscription, covering the morning route (home-school) and the afternoon route on the 1st or 2nd departure (school-home or school-“garderie”),
  • - A “garderie” subscription, covering only the afternoon buses to the OIB afterschool centres, which is charged with 50% of the subscription fee.

Occasional users may purchase tickets for individual bus journeys from the Transport Office, at the cost of 6 Euros per journey.


The annual full subscription fee for the current school year is at the level of 1969€ (984.5€ for the “garderie” subscription, covering only the afternoon buses to the OIB afterschool centres).

Nursery Pupils: All transport costs are payable directly by the parents irrespective of their employment status.

Primary/Secondary Pupils: For parents who receive the EU education allowance, school transport costs for primary and secondary pupils are reimbursed directly by the respective EU institutions.

All other parents are directly invoiced for school transport costs every trimester.

Cancellations: Parents may cancel their annual subscription in the course of the school year.