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Springfest is the annual flagship event of the school.

It is jointly organised by the school, APEEE and secondary pupils – an event for the whole school and wider school community -  a fun-filled day when lessons are replaced by a range of activities for all ages from nursery to secondary as well as food stands from each language section and pupils’ shows.

Each year there is a theme for Springfest e.g. ‘Sustainable Europe’ and an Opening Ceremony is organised by the pupils of the Secondary school.

Any profits from the event are used to support students’ projects as well as to support charities.  Examples of charities supported in the past include: The Smile of the Child asbl , Demiclowns asbl, Panos&Cressida4Life asbl , Mikembo-Mukini.


Each year, information on the organisation and planning for Springfest is distributed in advance with details on:
  • - Planned activities on the day
  • - Access/security
  • - Information related to the impact on the running of APEEE/OIB services (transport, canteen and extra-curricular activities)
  • - Sale of tickets & bracelets
  • - Request for volunteers


    The support of parents as volunteers to help in the preparations and on the day is essential.  You can volunteer to help with:
    • - Get involved in the organising committee
    • - Run/ help with a food stand
    • - Contribute food for the food stands (cakes / savoury dishes / specialities)
    • - Help with running games for nursery/primary sections


    APEEE Springfest Coordinators

    Catherine Perrin - APEEE Springfest Manager

    Helene Pestanes - APEEE Springfest Secondary Events Liaison

    Agnes Boucheron - APEEE Springfest Primary Games co-ordinator

    Martine Steenhouwer - adviser and Eurovillage co-ordinator