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Canteen Enrolment and Cost

Enrolment to the school canteen service is done separately for each pupil and exclusively through our Enrolment platform. Existing enrolments need to be renewed for each new school year.

The annual enrolment period is open usually in June of the previous school year. The exact period is communicated to parents by email. New enrolments are accepted at anytime. Prior payment of the APEEE annual membership fee (fixed amount per family) is a prerequisite for the enrolment for any of the APEEE services.

Enrolments are accepted for the canteen for any number of days per week (1-5).

Given the frequent changes in the school timetable at the beginning of the school year, during the month of September the Canteen Office accepts all requests for change with immediate effect from the date of the timetable change. You can therefore enrol your child, even if you do not know exactly his/her future timetable.

For the rest of the school year (from October onwards), all requests for enrolment changes will be taken into account from the 1st day of the following month. Changes are possible only for fixed days and a determined period of time (e.g. learning support). Any voluntary change in the provision of a canteen service entails the payment of a fixed administrative fee of 15 EUR. The administrative fee will not be charged, for changes imposed by a change in the timetable of school courses.

All modifications to enrolments must be submitted online via our Enrolment platform

Further details on the enrolment are provided in the

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