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The single new APEEE Transport Regulation includes all rules and procedures that underpin the school bus sector and its operation. It establishes the framework for all day-to-day and other operational decisions taken by the APEEE Transport WG and the APEEE Transport Office, and is compulsory for all users of this service, including the enrolled pupils and their parents. It was adopted by the APEEE Management Board on 25 October 2018 and will be revised before the start of each school year. It includes the following information:

  • - the role and obligations of all actors involved in the daily operation of the service (Transport Office, bus monitors, bus drivers, parents, pupils);
  • - all procedures that need to be followed in specific cases (e.g. inability to pick up the child at the bus stop);
  • - specific provisions applying at different times of the year (e.g. first and last days of school);
  • - safety and discipline rules applying to pupils using the service, regarding inter alia their behaviour on the bus;.
  • - rules applying to parents or other persons exercising parental authority (e.g. prohibition of contacting bus drivers and monitors for private arrangements).

The Transport Office will take appropriate action in the event of any breach of the applicable rules and will endeavour to settle any problem between stakeholders. If needed, the Transport WG, in cooperation with the Transport Manager, is authorised to impose sanctions for non-respect of the provisions of the Transport Regulation.