Today's Special

Wednesday 17 th Oktober

Salmon filet,Chard, Salvage rice, mandarine

Plastic tableware 16/10/18

Tuesday October 16th

Unfortunately the washing machine is out of order today. Exceptionnally the tableware is made of disposable plastic.

Thank you for your understanding.

Today's Special

Oktober Tuesday 16 th

Veal mince, Fried pumpkin, Homemade puree, pear

Czech recipes in our canteen

Dear Parents,

This year, the Canteen offers a traditional menu of the countries represented in our School. This menu, developed in collaboration with our nutritionist, is cooked internally by our staff with healthy ingredients from the best quality.

In September, our action "I taste and I discover", dedicated to the German section was very successful.

Today's Special

Monday 15/10/2018

Quorn filet, Couscous vegetables, Chickpeas, Semola, Yogurt nature

Today's Special

Friday 12/10/2018

Organic chicken filet, Organic broccolis, Organic bülgür, Organic appel

Results of the Canteen satisfaction survey 2018

Dear parents, dear students,

Working group for canteen analysed all your replies to the Canteen satisfaction survey launched in June 2018.

We received in total 564 responses which covered approximately 30% of the children enrolled in the canteen.

We would like to thank to all of you for the participation on our survey.

The overall satisfaction rate with the canteen services seems to be positive. We are delighted that certain improvements in the operation of the canteen are appreciated by you (starters for smallest children, introduction of soup, etc.)

Today's Special

Monday 08/10/18
Lamb dice, green beans, rice

A general strike is announced for tomorrow Tuesday 2/10

Dear Parents,

A general strike is announced for tomorrow Tuesday 2/10.


Our school bus service will operate as usual as we work with private companies.

If emergency measures have to be taken in the course of the day (due to inaccessibility of garderies or certain areas) and if certain buses cannot leave the school or have to return to it, parents will be contacted by phone.

Some supervisors  may not be able to come to work due to lack of public transport service.


Today's Special

Monday 24/09/18
Lamb dice, Vegetable tajine, Chickpeas, Semola, Apple