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  • Invitation to parents to eat at the Canteen - Would you like to have lunch with your child and try out our Canteen menu?

    Parents and tutors whose children are enrolled in the Canteen and are fully up to date with their subscription are welcome to visit the Canteen to share this moment with them.  

    One free meal per family per semester is available on request to the APEEE Canteen office ( at least two working days before the desired date and after the Canteen Manager’s confirmation.

  • Green meals on wheels in secondary

    The canteen team has inaugurated in December a daily option of a vegetarian dish in the Canteen, following requests from the Students’ Committee. Every day, a warm vegetarian meal is offered in a portable bain marie for all secondary students from S1 to S7. The initiative is very successful and really appreciated by students!

  •  Salad and soup bar offered every day

    In an effort to offer a wider variety to our students, a salad bar and a soup bar are available every day for students from P3. 

    The salad bar usually includes an assortment of raw vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, legumes, rice salad or pasta.

    Nursery and P1, P2 students are served cut raw vegetables or soup every day.

  • Friday, December 6th: St Nicholas Special Menu

    This Friday, to celebrate St Nicholas Day, the canteen will offer a festive menu to the delight of young and old alike: homemade bolognese pasta, and speculoos & mandarin for dessert!

  • Little Top chefs rolled their sleeves up and pitched in!

    Over the past two weeks, as part of the event “Little top chefs”, the nursery classes visited the Canteen. According to the theme group to which they had been assigned, our little chefs prepared delicious pumpkin soup, Bolognese lasagne and apple crumble.

    The atmosphere was creative and joyful, the children focused on their task and the staff of the Canteen - as always - delighted to be surrounded by so much goodwill!

  • This week, two vegetarian menus chosen by the students!

    Following the success of the "Vegetarian Menu – Students’ Selection" call for action, two other menus selected by the students will be served in the canteen this week:

    • Thursday, November 21 - Pumpkin Risotto with squash cream (second choice from first survey)
    • Friday, November 22nd - Pesto Lasagna (first choice of the second survey round)

    Other vegetarian menus selected by the students will be served in the coming weeks!

  • Special Czech Menu - Monday, November 18

    The menu will include: Beef Goulash, Carrots, Sautéed potatoes, Boruvkovy Kolac (Blueberry and almond pie)

    The special menu is prepared on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the “Velvet Revolution” (Prague - November 17th, 1989) that marked an important victory of democracy in European history.

  • World Menu - I taste and discover: this Tuesday, October 22nd: PORTUGAL

    On the menu: Portuguese cod (cod, onions, tomatoes, peppers), potatoes.

    Dessert: Traditional homemade Pastéis de Nata.

    Boma apetite!

    All the dishes at the EEB3 Canteen are prepared in collaboration with a nutritionist and cooked entirely in-house by our staff, with high quality ingredients. More information