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Update on the Canteen - September 2021


Dear parents,

Please find an update on the Canteen as of September 2021.



The Canteen service will start:

  • On Wednesday 1/09 - only for Nursery classes
  • On Thursday 2/09 – for all classes

N.B. The planning of the Canteen operations is implemented in accordance with the Belgian authorities’ and the School’s instructions and restrictions. Please note that changes could be possible until the school start in September 2021, following the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.



To enroll in the canteen service, please log in in MyAPEEE

More information on the enrolment phases and procedure


Nursery & Primary

Hot meals will be available for Nursery and Primary pupils.



A cold lunch (including the vegetarian option), improved according to parents’ feedback, will be available for secondary pupils. As regards the hot meals, the Canteen service is looking forward to resume this option for the Secondary pupils as soon as it will be allowed by the Belgian authorities and the School (depending on the evolution of the situation).

Following the School’s decision, the Cafeteria service will not be resumed for school year 2021-2022. APEEE is looking for a replacement option.


Vegetarian option

A cold vegetarian lunch box will be available on a daily basis. It can be ordered on MyAPEEE for the whole term (N.B. the order cannot be cancelled until the end of the term).

Primary pupils may collect their vegetarian lunch boxes at the canteen office (just in front of the entrance) before entering the refectory.

Secondary pupils may collect their vegetarian lunch boxes at the entrance of the refectory at lunch time.

Microwaves are still not available for students due to the sanitary situation.


The Canteen working group and staff wish you a pleasant and restful summer. See you in September!