Ever thought about hosting a pupil from another European school?

Beatriz from Alicante, Ellen from Munich, Pedro from Alicante…
It's the third time now that our family has hosted a pupil from another school. What a great experience! These were three very enriching experiences for us! Not only is it about giving pupils of other nationalities the opportunity to practice a foreign language in a new family and experience a new environment; it's also about discovering how other children live, their education, passing on some of our ideas, sharing our activities and even creating long-term friendships…

Every year, a handful of pupils from some of the 27 European and Accredited Schools spend the first term of the school year at EEB3 and several pupils from EEB3 go to study at other European Schools. This could be your child!

Confirmation of this year’s exchanges is now underway and the APEEE at EEB3 has just received its first requests for host families. Your parent volunteer-coordinators are looking for host families for students accepted on exchange for this coming September 2018-19.  

Ideally, one, two or even more families can host or share hosting. In return, your own child can return at a later stage to that family, if you’d like, either on exchange or during the holidays.

New applications 2017/2018:

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