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Extracurricular Activities service

• All extracurricular activities resume as of Monday 7 September 2020. • For details of the timetable of activities, please consult the APEEE enrolment platform.

Hygiene measures:
• All staff, including instructors and supervisors, are required to use the mask for the entire duration of the service, to disinfect their hands regularly and to disinfect the surfaces and objects to be used.
• Distance between pupils is not mandatory; nevertheless, every effort will be made by the supervisors to ensure that close contact between pupils is limited as much as possible.
• The cleaning of objects and surfaces used - including tatami mats - will be carried out by the monitors and the APEEE staff with specific products, before and after each activity.
• Hand sanitisers are available to students at the entrance to each room where activities take place.
• Following the school's guidelines, parents must wait for their children outside the school premises.

Obligations of parents and pupils:
• Pupils will be asked to disinfect their hands before and after the activities.
• In accordance with the guidelines of the Wallonia - Brussels Federation, secondary school pupils are required to attend activities wearing a face mask, which they must keep on for the entire duration of the course except for sports activities (specific measures will be taken by the instructors to maintain the necessary distance, in accordance with ADEPS guidelines) or if there is enough distance. We would like to draw the parents' attention to the fact that the wearing of masks is the sole responsibility of the students, who must wear them or else they will be refused access to the activity.
• For barefoot activities(yoga, martial arts, etc), pupils will be asked to disinfect their feet before and after the activities.
Pupils are asked to bring their own snack and drinks as the vending machines and water fountains will not be available.
Additional information:
• The extracurricular activities services will operate in line with the guidelines issued by the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles and the school’s instructions. For more information please consult the following webpages:

o FWB circular
o Protocoles ADEPS
o Indoor activities – ADEPS Guideline

• All sports activities (with or without contact) are authorised without age restrictions
• As a result of exceptional circumstances, any necessary changes to the timetable and service modalities will be communicated as soon as possible.