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Discipline - Behaviour by students

The transport office has drawn up rules, which set out the standards of behaviour and courtesy expected of all users. Parents and children are expected to have read and agreed to these rules when they register their children for the bus service (See  Transport Regulation / Règlement Elèves dans le bus.doc).

The Parents Association of the European School of Brussels III is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by children using the school bus service. Such damage must be covered by the family's own third-party insurance.

In the case of inappropriate conduct by a student, the transport office manager, Mme Callens, will contact the parents and may exclude the student from the bus.

In the case of a serious violation or inappropriate conduct (bullying, etc.) by a student, the transport committee, via Mme Callens, may take measures, including informing the school educational counsellors, and excluding the child from the bus; either for a defined period, or for the remainder of a school year.  In addition, if there is damage or personal injury, the costs will be reimbursed by the child’s parents.

Discipline - Behaviour by drivers and bus supervisors

Any parent with a concern about behaviour of a driver or supervisor on the bus should contact the transport office. The transport office will deal with complaints directly with the driver or supervisor, copying the transport committee on mails concerning serious incidents or any incident that cannot immediately be completely and satisfactorily resolved.

Parents are asked to be polite with the personnel of the transport office, the driver or supervisor, and are not authorised to board the bus.

If a problem arises or parents wish to make comments they should get in touch solely with the transport office, which will check the information and take the necessary measures. Only the transport office is entitled to give instructions to drivers, bus companies or bus supervisors.