Dear all, 

There are only a few hoodies left that the supplier accepted late. All in all we ordered 110 hoodies! The whole initiative has been a great success:

1. We showed that we are a team

2. We designed and ordered 110 hoodies

3. We had a shave-down event at the beginning and a mustache beauty pageant at the end of Movember (winner: Alberto Giuseppini - congratulations!!!)

4. We have two winners of hoodies that can be picked up in my room (MUS2) - thank you for voting for your favorite mustaches ;-): Emma Boublil & Vassilis Vasileiadis

5. We raised a total of 1,150€ for the Movember foundation!!!

You see, a comprehensive success!!!

What I would like to do now, to really finish our EEB3 Movember 2018 initiative, spell out the amount we raised for the Movember foundation (1150) with hopefully a lot of hoodie-wearers and take a drone picture from above. This will be a great visual effect and awesome to promote our cause in school and out. Thank you again, for supporting us with this.

This is just an attempt - if you cannot or don’t want to come, of course, you don’t have to (no need to cancel or confirm via email):

Please wear your hoodie and come to the little square in front of the administration building:

1st attempt: tomorrow in P6 (I know this is very short notice, but the weather is supposed to get worse this week) at 13:00

2nd attempt: this Thursday in P6 at 13:00

One of our students (Jindra Kocman) is nice enough to to come with this drone and shoot the pic (hopefully he can make it work - I just asked him today). I cannot promise anything, it might not work out, but let’s try our best, what do you think?

Anyone that would like to help establish the EEB3 Movember initiative further, please contact me, I am looking for motivated students, parents, and teachers. The specifics aren’t clear yet, but I am trying to extend this initiative to other European schools and would need some help for next year - maybe you know very some motivated students or colleagues.

Again, thank you for all your support and hopefully see you tomorrow at 13:00 in front of the administration building!


Noah Tauche