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TEDxYouth@EEB3 2021

Dear members of our school community,

It is with great pride that we share with you today this year’s TEDxYouth@EEB3 program.

Despite the unusual circumstances this pandemic has led-to, we are happy to invite you to the school’s traditional TEDx livestream, taking place Wednesday 5th of May 2021, from 09:15 until 14:40.

This year, in an event exclusively online, our speakers will be discussing “New beginnings”. Joining us through means of video conferencing will be the European Commissioner for Health, Ms. Stella Kyriakides, to share with us “Life after COVID: will our masks ever come off?”.

Also included in this year’s line-up is an officer of the police department of Ixelles – willing to open-up in a speech about the tension surrounding the role of the police and its perception. Moreover, two members of our teaching staff, seven students and two social workers will also be taking turns in describing what “new beginnings” really means for them.

We hope you are ready for a half-day full of excitement, interesting topics and renowned speakers and look forward to counting you amongst our (virtual) audience.

The co-organisers and members of the TEDxYouth@EEB3 team