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Survey - IT project: real-time bus localisation system and pupils’ presence on the buses

Dear parents,

The APEEE transport sector is considering to launch a system allowing real-time monitoring of bus locations and pupils’ presence on the buses.


In concrete terms, how would it work?

A special GPS localisation device installed in all buses would localise the real-time circulation of buses in each bus route.

Pupils will be required to badge (i.e. the canteen badge or a new one) into the GPS localisation device (box) in the bus. By doing so their presence will be transmitted to MyAPEEE system.


Parents will be able:

  • To see the status of their children in a bus (check in/out) on the way to school or home
  • To check the time of last bus stop and the expected time arrival at their bus stop (including delays, if any)


We would like to ask you about your interest in this new service.

Please take a moment to complete the anonymous survey.

Thank you!

The Transport service