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New bus routes and bus stops for 2021-2022 school year

Dear Parents,


The APEEE Transport Working Group is pleased to inform you that the project of redesigning the bus routes for the school year 2021-2022 has been successfully concluded.  The new routes and bus stops are already uploaded in the MyAPEEE platform and are available to be used for next year’s transport enrolment.


This project was assigned to a specialised external company (DB Développement), which worked very closely for several months with our staff in the Transport Office, under the supervision of the Transport Working Group. The company followed concrete guidelines with the aim of optimising the current bus routes, rationalising our network, and ensuring, to the extent possible, that the time spent on the bus is proportional to the geographic distance between home and school. The need for a fair treatment of all our pupils underpinned the whole exercise.


Consequently, we have introduced changes to a number of bus lines with the aim of making significant time gains (10-15 minutes) for a maximum of pupils. This concerns all circuits (morning, first and second departure, Wednesday afternoon). All new routes have been tested on the ground. Please note that several bus lines were assessed positively and remain unchanged.


In this context, we need to stress that the APEEE provides a collective service that prioritises the general interest over individual requests. Several bus stops have been moved to a location that makes more sense, prevents unnecessary detours and points to significant gains in terms of time. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in that respect.


Please note that this year’s transport enrolment provides for the possibility of inserting your address on a designated map and you will be provided with the 5 nearest bus stops. We would like to encourage you to use this possibility, in case you cannot find your bus stop. Our staff will of course be available to assist you in the process of enrolment. 


This project represents one of the main pillars of our activity in the transport sector for this year. Yet, we would like to assure you we will continue to review our bus routes on a permanent basis and introduce additional modifications, wherever needed.  


We thank you for your cooperation and hope that this process will lead to tangible improvements for our pupils as of next year.


Kind regards,


The Transport WG

APEEE Ixelles