Dear parents,

This Thursday 13 June  - we have arranged a support meeting in Leuven for Adults who are autistic, or who have ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or dyspraxia.  

This is your chance to meet other Neurodiverse adults and to talk together about your situation.  

What is going well in your life and what tips can you offer to others ?

What isn't going so well ?  What questions do you have ?

This is the first time we have held a support meeting for adults and if people are interested, we would hope to make it a regular event.  If you can't come on the 13th, but you would be interested in future meetings, please let us know.


We have been offered a free room at the International House in Leuven, and so there will be no charge for this meeting.

Venue - International House,

Tiensevest 60, 3000 Leuven   (very close to Leuven railway & bus stations)


Meeting Time for Adults - 19:00 - 21:00 

Pop in Time for Parents - 17.30 - 18.30


Thursday 13 June - we will arrive at the International House in Leuven before we meet the adults.  

If any parents of children or teenagers would like to come and meet us, we invite you to pop in between 17.30h - 18.30h

If you have a question, or you want to find out more about what we do, or you simply want to meet the people behind our Facebook and LinkedIn pages this is a good opportunity. 

Parents - if you don't have time to pop along on Thur 13 June, but you do have a question, then please email us at


Facebook - ADHD-AS-Dyslexia Family Resources Belgium discussion group -


* Facebook - ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium Page - 


LinkedIn - ADHD,ASC & LD Belgium -



We are also on Twitter -  



We also run Neurodiverse Brains in the Workplace  - 

-  Facebook Discussion Group  -  Linkedin 

The idea behind Neurodiverse Brains is to launch a discussion with a focus on the strengths and talents available to ADHDers, autistic, dyscalculic, dysgraphic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and gifted people etc. as employees, employers or as entrepreneurs   


Saturday 22 June - We have had a request to run a Workshop to teach Adults how to Practice Mindfulness with Teenagers (aged 11 to 18 years).  

This workshop is for Teachers, other Professionals and Parents


The workshop will provide an introduction to the practice of Mindfulness with the aim to teach appropriate exercises and meditations to help students deal with stress and work burdens. It will also talk about helping young people develop the skills to recognise and deal with worrying situations, to help cope with exams and to develop an ability to be more mindfully aware in daily life. Facilitator: Emilia Jarvis - Emilia is originally from Colombia, holds dual Colombian/Irish nationalities, She is a certified Mindfulness trainer from the UCL (Universite Catholique de Louvain) in “Animated Interventions based on Mindfulness, specialising in children, adolescents and parents”. Emilia has been teaching mindfulness to groups of children in the European Schools of Uccle, Ixelles and Berkendael for the last four years. She is a certified Mindfulness teacher for adolescents for the Mindfulness in Schools programme.b Emilia has the certificate for Mindful Lead in schools for teachers (MiSP Mindfulness in School Project UK). The fee for this workshop is - Members: 15 € / Non-Members: 20 € each  


Venue -  Cooperativa Kreativa, Rue Volta 8, 1050 Brussels


Time - 10:00 - 13:00   


Register  -



Report from our meeting on Thursday 6 June  

On 6 June 2019 we held a discussion about the Future of ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium for 2019 - 2020, and we thank everyone who joined us either at Kreativa or on zoom

We are incorporating some notes and feedback for our members and supporters to bring you up to date with our news since December 2018

We organised the following events in 2019

* January - Open House

* February - Parent / Teacher support meeting

* March - Webinar,  "Early Interventions for Children with ADHD and/or Autistic Spectrum Conditions" with June Todd, AMBDA

* May - Mindfulness for Teens in May

We have given up our offices at the MAI building, 40 Washington Street, Ixelles, which is something we have been considering since Feb 2017.   It has become easier to work online and the cost involved in renting the office was not justified by the amount of time we spent there, but it does mean that we will rent a room (for the Board and volunteers) to meet in from time to time.

We are continuing our project of building a new website, and should have this completed by the end of 2019.

We have been building contacts with other groups in Belgium - to continue to help our community....

* We have been involved with other groups who work with patients with neurodiverse conditions as part of a collective initiative called Neuro_be

* International House Leuven - we have made contact with the International House and they have offered us a free room for meetings.  This means we will be holding some meetings in Leuven.

* Trefpunt Leuven


Rozina Spinnoy and Angela Haren have resigned from our Board and we thank them for their expertise.

We currently have vacancies for new Volunteers - especially  

* to help out with our Conference & events, 

* to revive our Newsletter 

and if you have experience of running Webinars and/or making You Tube films

then we would certainly like to hear from you - so please let us know.

We have a steering group consisting of board members, parents, teachers and we really look forward to making the plans for our conference with our Board members and volunteers.

The Theme for our Annual Conference – Unlocking potential in Neurodiverse Brains / Neurodiversity

The proposed date is Saturday, 16 November 2019 - so please Save The Date !

Future events If you would like to share any information or if you have any ideas about a possible speaker, or a subject you'd like to hear about in a workshop  - please send us an email

Next week we will be inviting you to complete a survey with ideas for upcoming events


So to recap - 


Adults are invited to join us for a support meeting in Leuven on Thursday 13 June 19h - 21h

and parents are invited to pop in - Thursday 13 June 17.30 - 18.30 - or to email us any questions


If Adults want to learn about helping Teenagers to be Mindful then please register ) and join us on Saturday 22 June.


Best wishes to all those children, teenagers and adolescents taking exams at the moment.


Kind regards Beverley 


0494 66 5559



Beverley Sinton

President of ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium

European Brain Ambassador


ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium

Rue Washington straat 40.  1050 Brussels


Founding Members of ADHD-Europe AISBL

Neurodiverse Brains in the Workplace Our goal is to assist Employers, and Employees with Neurodiverse Brains (ie people with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, people on the Autism Spectrum, and people who are gifted - and many individuals who have 2 or 3 of these diverse conditions).

(made possible by Erasmus+ co-funding through

the KAI programme of the European Union)