Interested in expanding our school’s 13 options?


Most pupils and parents with children in the secondary cycle of the European Schools know that a third foreign language (L3) is compulsory from the first year of that cycle. However, do you know that pupils can choose any of the official languages of the European Union other than their L1 or L2 (provided that 7 pupils choose the same language)? Our school currently offers quite a few languages as options for L3, giving pupils the opportunity to broaden their linguistic and cultural horizons even beyond L1 and L2, which are the languages of instruction of other subjects, too.

Nonetheless, although the school regulation allows it, far from all 23 official languages of the EU and not even the languages of all the linguistic sections are on offer in EEBIII. For instance, although Greek is the language of one of the largest sections in EEBIII, and despite a considerable number of pupils of Greek origin in the other linguistic sections who, presumably, have an a priori interest in taking formal instruction in this language, Greek is currently not offered as L3. In fact, anecdotal evidence suggests that interested children and parents are not requesting Greek as L3 simply because they are not aware that this is a possibility offered by the school regulation. If you have ever thought of taking Greek as L3, if you are interested in discussing the advantages of a potential offer of Greek as L3 and would like to network with like-minded students and parents with a view to requesting Greek as L3, please contact parent Mr Argyrios Pisiotis: