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Implementation of a "Well-Being" policy within our school


The school is currently developing a 3-year strategy on "Well-Being" within our school which will gather 8 documents available to the entire school community by December 2022, The documents are the following:

  • Educational Support Policy guidelines (adopted in 2020)
  • Anti-bullying policy
  • Good behaviour Policy (Nursery and Primary)
  • Good behaviour Policy (Secondary
  • Use of Mobile Devices Policy
  • Anti-Harassment Policy for Staff
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Anti-Substances Abuse Policy

With regards the  Anti-Bullying policy the school has set up a Working group regrouping representatives from teachers, students, psychologists and parents (Agnes Boucheron and Eleanna Stergiouli as APEEE members designated by the Board and involved in the field). The WG on the anti-bullying policy met on May 4 and June 1 to review the documents presented by the school.

Following an active consultation among the members of the Education Councils, the Board and the APEEE Working Group "Well-being, Harassment".  the APEEE  recently submitted its remarks,

Some of the important topics defended by the APEEE  are the following:

  • A broad and non-exhaustive definition of the types of harassment
  • A uniform commitment of the school in defining the KiVa program as the only one applicable throughout the student's schooling to resolve conflicts and harassment (and not only in the nursery and primary cycles, as it is the case today). The APEEE also asks that parents be better informed of the content and progress of this program in their children's schooling.
  • The major and increasing interest to be given to cyber-bullying. The APEEE asks that co-responsibility (parents and school) be applicable even outside school hours.
  • The need for the school to inform and involve the parents concerned as soon as harassing behavior is detected in a student, as well the need of giving feedback to parents, afterwards.
  • The strengthening of the team of psychologists
  • A minimum awareness-raising training of all staff members on detection of signs of bullying and referring to the appropriate staff member.
  • A clear definition of the sanctions that will be applicable to nursery, primary and secondary cycles in accordance with the General rules Rules of the European Schools (knowing that their contents will be defined in two documents published by the end of 2021).
  • A regular monitoring and assessment of the policy

A new version of the document on the implementation of the anti-bullying policy is being drafted by the school. The APEEE will make every effort to ensure that its main points are included in the policy.

The school has launched a similar Working Group on the Good Behaviour policy, which will meet by mid-June to start consultations on the document.

The WG Well being - APEEE Ixelles