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Enrolment 23/24 - Extracurricular activities


Dear parents,

Please find below the latest information as regards the enrolment to the extracurricular activities for school year 2023/2024.

  • Enrolment schedule

1st phase


from Tuesday 20/06 to Saturday 1/07 (included)


2nd phase


from Monday 10/7



N.B. Please be aware that no technical support will be available from Saturday 15 July to Sunday 27 August (included), during the school vacation period.

How to enrol

All information on the enrolment process, including the link to the tutorial videos, is available on the website at Enrolments 2023/2024


In case of multiple approved activities taking place at the same time (overlapping activities), i.e. same semester/day/hour, you will have to choose only one among the overlapping activities, by following the indication on your child’s extracurricular activities page.

N.B. In order to finalise the procedure:

If you have any unpaid fees, the system will only allow you to make a draft selection of activities, and keep your request temporarily.

Once all due fees have been paid, the request (new or previous draft) must be submitted by clicking on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the webpage. Please note that the payment of unpaid fees does not automatically result in the submission of previous draft requests.

Additional information about the ECA enrolment

  • Following the 1st phase (until 1/7), places will be allocated on the basis of a random selection automatically implemented by MyAPEEE system. Applications for activities that are already full will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Applications during the 2nd phase will be processed as follows:

If there are available places for an activity, then applications will be processed on a “first come, first served” basis and once filled during this phase, any new application will be placed in a waiting list sorted by date of application submitted.

If, however, the activity is already full and there is an existing waiting list, then priority will be given to applications on the waiting list from the   first phase which will be sorted by their position in the random selection process and any new application (of the 2nd phase) will be placed ordered by date after those.

  • Payment is to be made upon confirmation of the enrolment in the activity (messages to be received after phase 1 and phase 2), until 31 August 2023.


Kind regards,

Extracurricular activities service

APEEE Ixelles