Dear all,

Thank you very much for ordering an EEB3 hoodie this year.

For the secondary, we hope everyone enjoys their hoodies! If your child wasn't able to collect their hoodie last week, they can contact and collect their hoodie at latest by this Thursday (we cannot guarantee your hoodie will be there).

For the primary, we are extremely sorry for any delays you may have faced with receiving your hoodies, however we only finished labelling each of the hoodies based on the orders, last week.

For the sake of being able to better record whether or not a hoodie has been given, students from primary are now asked to go visit the primary secretary to collect their hoodie.

Please note, that this means the hoodies will not be given to the class teachers of primary.

For maternelle, the teachers will collect and hand over the hoodies to the students.

A message from us:

As this is the very first year that we, the Pupils' Committee of secondary (namely 6 students), are organising this EEB3 Hoodie project for the school community, we thank you for understanding any delays that may have been involved in the process of receiving your hoodie.

We thank you all once again for ordering our EEB3 Hoodies and promise to begin our project much earlier next year, as well as delibering our hoodies sooner!

With best regards,

The Pupils' Committee.