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COVID-19 notification to APEEE: dos & don’ts


Clarification on what you have to notify to the APEEE


Please inform us about the positive COVID-19 cases of your child/children via the specific form, available on the COVID-19 Useful information webpage.

N.B. Sending this information timely is the only way to implement the tracing in the APEEE services (the school is not allowed to share any information about the positive COVID-19 cases).



The school informs regularly the APEEE about the quarantine placements of classes (N.B. level and language section only, no other details), therefore please avoid sending us information in this regard.

Exception - Secondary school pupils whose quarantine ends earlier than expected by decision of the school (because they have been vaccinated): in this case only, please notify the APEEE by e-mail at