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Class Reps election 2021 - 2022

Dear Parents, 

In compliance with the School’s decision, the election of the 4 class APEEE reps will be held at the end of your first class meetings on Teams, at the following dates:



Tuesday 21 September



Monday 20 September



Thursday 23 September



Monday 4 October


S1, S2, S3

Thursday 30 September


S4, S5

Thursday 30 September


S6, S7

Thursday 30 September



APEEE reps election – What is it and how it works


At the beginning of each school year, parents of each class elect a maximum of 4 class representatives. Their key role is to represent collectively your class' concerns before the School and APEEE bodies. In that capacity, they become active APEEE members and may elect / get elected in the APEEE General Assembly. Please read the detailed information about the role and responsibilities of the APEEE representatives on our webpage Organisation > APEEE Class section/Representatives.


Following the School’s instructions, at the end of the first part of the class meeting the teachers will pass the responsibility for the remainder of the meeting to one parent, who will be in charge of conducting the election and closing the Teams session.


The following key electoral - procedural rules apply for this election (in line with Article 3(4) of the APEEE Statutes):


a) Parents may express their interest spontaneously, present themselves and their main interests prior to the election. A formal voting procedure is not needed (the election may occur by acclamation), if the number of candidates is equal or less than four (4); should the number of candidates be higher, parents may agree among themselves by majority about the most appropriate arrangements, such as online voting by using any available application or voting via email (to be sent to the chair's mailbox);

b) A minimum of half of the parents of the class must participate in the election (quorum); if they are not able to attend, their proxies or a written confirmation of their choice by email must be registered;

c) All class parents may participate in the vote; however, two parents for the same child have only one vote;

d) In case of any absence, only one vote could be given by proxy to another family representative;

e) The number of votes could be equal to four (4), as many as the number of the class representatives to be elected.


All final results per class (including the names and the email addresses of the elected class representatives) must be sent to Ms Nathalie FOREST (info@apeeeb3.beby Monday, 11 October, at the very latest.


Should you have any questions, please contact and