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Call for volunteers - Contribute to sustainability at our school!

Many of us parents have expertise that can help make our school more sustainable.

If you are an expert on topics that could make our school more sustainable in the broadest sense (anything from climate action to sustainable mobility to sustainable gardening, recycling or teaching sustainability) and you have some time to spare, please let us know.

Please also indicate how you would like to contribute - give an on-line presentation, act as a contact for teachers who would like to learn more about your subject, give advice to the school sustainability group, get your hands dirty by helping with the vegetable garden... 

It's important to keep in mind that this is a new idea and we don't yet know how much of what we can offer as parents will actually be needed or realistic. That shouldn't stop us from offering in the first place, though!

If you wish to contribute, please use the table below to send your information to Ulrike Pisiotis (; we are assuming that you are ok with sharing this information with teachers or other members of the school community who could benefit from your expertise.