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Parents who collect their children immediately after the activity

The meeting point is at 15.30 or 16.30 (  depending of the activity)  at the parents's meeting point  on the bus parking, from 17.00 at the parent's room next to  the gardian lodge (  on wednesdays only at  the parent's room next to  the gardian lodge).

Supervision lasts a maximum of 15 minutes after the end of the activity. After that time the Périscolaire activities "Snack and Go" staff will take charge and parents will be billed 10 € per session.
If the bill for the Snack and Go session is not paid in full within 10 days, the child will not be allowed to participate in Périscolaire activities until three working days after payment is received by the Association.
After 45 minutes, the management reserves the right to take the child to the police station.

Children who return home alone after the activity
Parents must give their child written authorisation to leave the school and the Périscolaire activities (this authorisation must be in the child's agenda).

Children who go to the on-site child minding service
They are collected by the periscolaire staff from the nursery rotunda and accompanied to "garderie"

Children who must take the second bus to  home or  garderie
Parents must indicate on the enrolment form the number of the bus the child has to take. When in doubt the Périscolaire office or teacher will keep the child at school and contact parents by phone.

All bus changes (bus or the way the child go home ) must be notified by e-mail to the Transport Office and the Périscolaire Activities Office at the latest on the day of the change.
Parents are requested to get in touch with the transport service to check whether the stops for the first bus departures are the same as the stops for the second bus departures (see point on transport).