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General surveillance of the parking area during the bus arrival and departure times is provided by Mr Abdel, the parking manager, together with three additional other assistants. In addition, a nursery teacher also assists in supervising the nursery children in the parking area from 8.10 onwards in the morning.

If a child has a problem in the parking area, he/she should ask Mr Abdel (wearing a yellow fluorescent jacket) or may go to the transport office.

In the morning, from 8.00-8.20 am, two transport personnel accompany nursery children from the parking area to the nursery atrium in a series of trips. In the nursery atrium, the children are supervised by a transport office member of staff from 8.00-8.10, and then by the nursery teaching staff from 8.10 onwards.

In the afternoon, children of nursery, 1st and 2nd primary are accompanied to the bus

  • After lessons, by their teacher
  • After a périscolaire activity, by a monitor from the périscolaire department.

Please note: It is very important to indicate clearly in the agenda, particularly of younger children, any changes in normal bus in the afternoon and send an e-mail to the Transport and Périscolaire so that the accompaniment gets them to the correct bus. In case of any doubt, please telephone the transport office in advance.