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On the registration form parents must specify whether or not their child must be met by an adult (parent, baby-sitter, etc.) at the home bus stop. This is advised for all children under 10 years old.

If the registration form states that the child MAY NOT get off the school bus unaccompanied, and there is no adult waiting to meet the child, the supervisor on the bus will call the transport office. The transport office will then telephone the parents to decide on how to proceed.

Please note:

If the parents are not able to be at the stop within a short time, the child may have to travel further in the bus while arrangements are made, so that the remaining children in the bus are not excessively delayed on their way to the their own stops where their parents are waiting.  We make all efforts to ensure that the children do not spend too long on the bus.

If the registration form states that the child MAY get off the school bus unaccompanied, then the child is allowed to leave the bus alone, even if no adult is waiting for him/her.

Please note:

(i) If a parent is likely to be late arriving at the bus stop, the parent is requested to telephone the transport office immediately to make arrangements.

(ii) Parents are not permitted to collect children of other families from the bus stop without either a note in that child’s agenda, or having telephoned to the transport office beforehand.