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The APEEEB3 website is a communication vehicle between the APEEE and parents of pupils in the EEB3 school, and between parents.

Only parents that have paid their yearly membership have access to the vast online documentation archive.

Only parents that have paid their yearly membership have access to the online APEEEB3 community.

Yes in fact the APEEEB3 website also functions as an archive of documents of various type to support the intention of the APEEEB3 to be transparant.

In fact it is more then just a website it is a Content Management System (CMS), in which documents are stored and searched for and found. In order to enable all three document actions, each document should be classified and placed in a category. Searching for a document is made much easier as the classification hierarchy facilitates this. Finding a document depends on a clear classification mechanism.

Each reunion should place the documents it generated in the archive.

The documents are classified and structured.

The document structure follows the internal organisation of the APEEE.

The classification is quite simple.

As an association the APEEE follows Belgian Law in terms of privacy. This implicates that personnel related documents are not for all eyes.

Neither are certain legal and financial documents during it's operation. All other documents can be requested as the APEEE strongly believes in Transparancy.

Following the mandates and the structure of the APEEEB3, distinction is made between the following reunions:

  • GA
  • CA
  • Exco
  • WG Cantine
  • WG Periscolaire
  • WG Transport
  • But also
  • WG Education
  • ...
  • InterParents