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About us

The Parents Association of the European School Brussels III – Ixelles (APEEE) is a non-profit international association under Belgian Law (AISBL: Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif). It is an organisation of and for parents (and legal guardians) whose mission is to contribute constructively to ensuring the best conditions for the school and its pupils.


The APEEE has the following main functions, as defined in article 23 of the Convention defining the Statute of the European Schools:

  1. to maintain relations between pupils' parents and the School authorities, the Board of Governors recognising for each School an Association which is representative of pupils' parents.
  2. the organisation of school transport, canteen/cafeteria and extracurricular activities for school's students in school's premises.
Membership of the APEEE is voluntary but access to APEEE services and the right of acting as class representative or standing for election to APEEE bodies is restricted to APEEE members only.

Our Values

We work in partnership with the school management, students, parents, teachers, other EEB parent associations and with the local authorities
We invite participation from all parents. We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible. We welcome parents’/ students' initiatives and their participation in school life.
We act consistently with the principles and requirements laid down in the APEEE Statutes in the common interest of all parents and pupils.
We communicate with parents and all other interlocutors in an open and transparent manner. We are committed to provide parents with all the necessary information about decisions or ongoing discussions regarding the operations of the APEEE as well as the activities of the different bodies and working groups in which it participates