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Services we run

The APEEE organises the following services for pupils of the school:


Day to day operations are managed by the APEEE Staff under the responsibility and supervision of the APEEE Board. The APEEE Staff are the main point of contact for parents using the services.

APEEE Office 02 211 40 10 09AM - 12AM
Canteen 02 211 40 05 10AM - 12AM
Extracurricular Activities 02 211 40 04 10AM - 12AM
Transport 02 211 40 03 10AM - 12AM
For each of the services, an APEEE Operational Working Group (of Board members) oversees the management of the staff and operations. Each working group is responsible for ensuring the respect of the regulations adopted by the APEEE Board for the operation of the respective sector. This working group is chaired by the Sector Responsible.

Members of APEEE Operational Working Groups

For the transport sector management competence is exclusive to the APEEE Board, with no involvement from the school management. For the canteen and extracurricular activities sectors, coordination with the School Management is foreseen through specialised joint APEEE/EEB3 Management committees.

The working groups welcome contact from parents with regards to suggestions for improvements to the service as well as to report any incident.

Contact APEEE Board