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Vehicle safety

Vehicles and their drivers must comply with the current road rules (insurance, roadworthiness tests etc.), which are applicable in Belgium. 
The vehicle must be equipped with 2 yellow cards indicating that it is a school bus.
All buses are equipped with seatbelts.

The driver may not stop at unscheduled bus stops.


In the interest of users, residents, drivers and vehicles, excessively long routes and frequent passages through residential areas with speed bumps are avoided.

Vehicle emissions: The drivers of the buses are not permitted to sit with engines running for long periods in the playground. They are allowed to start the engine three minutes before the scheduled departure, to allow time for the correct pressure to start the engines running. Occasionally, the buses may in fact run their engines for longer than intended (if for example, the exit from the car park is blocked, a child is late or on the wrong bus in the front of the queue).