Swimming classes at VUB


Please check the swimming classes at VUB in the attached file.

Extracurricular Activities Payment

Dear Parents,

You have received a reminder for amounts that many of you have already paid. Please note that this message was erroneously automatically-generated by the system. In the meantime, those who haven’t paid their due amounts, are kindly requested to proceed with their payments as normal.

You will receive a more precise notification about any still unpaid contributions for services by the end of October.   

How to contact the APEEE

Dear Parents,

All our previous numbers 02 6294700 - 10 are now used by the School services and any call to us will not reach the right person.

The new communications methods and time will be in place as of December 1st 2017 

New extracurricular activities in 2018-2019

Dear parents,

The APEEE has the pleasure to inform you that its new 2018-2019 extracurricular activities' program includes novel courses for Primary and Secondary students, which reinforce our students' skills and open up new avenues for their academic and professional future.

Chinese course

Going to China this year or just always wanted to learn chinese? Come and join the intensive chinese course which will be organised by the extracurricular activities at EEB3.

  • Chinese15: 25-29 June, 9:00 to 12:00 daily
  • Chinese 24: 25 June – 4 July: 9:00 to 12:00 daily

What to expect?

You will learn the basics of the language (Mandarin) and the Chinese culture, uses and customs

The course covers

Enrolment 18-19

Concerning canteen, please note that during the whole month of September, we accept all days registration changes, following the timetable changes. You can then register now your child, even if you don't know yet which day he/she can have lunch. From October, the changes will be taken into account from beginning of the November. Please note that for Friday, if your child is from P3 to S7, you just choose "continue school".

STEAM and ICT & Media

We are happy to announce that this summer we are offering a summer camp on

STEAM (robotics and presentations) for Primary Education studentsand

"STEM" and "ICT & Media" SummerCamp 2018

The extracurricular activities sector is happy to announce the “Sport and Art”summer camp

"Sports" SummerCamp 2018

The extracurricular activities sector is happy to announce the “Sport and Art”summer camp