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Wednesday take-away lunch for primary students – let us know your interest!

Dear parents,

Following your requests, the WG Canteen together with the canteen management is exploring the possibility to offer a take-away lunch for primary students on Wednesdays as of next school year. The offer is aimed at primary students taking the regular school bus and thus without possibility to have a hot lunch in the canteen. The precise timing and modalities of the service would be decided upon only later according to the actual demand.

Could you please let us know, whether you would be seriously interested in such service? Your feedback would be very valuable for our further planning. Please use this link to express your interest ( This little survey is purely indicative and non-binding for you. On the other hand, at the moment we can't guarantee that the service will be actually provided. (Reminder: Secondary students can register for the service directly in the canteen e-enrolment by ticking the corresponding box for Wednesday.)

Please be aware of the conditions that would apply for the service:

1.       Available on subscription basis only. Regular canteen tariff and conditions for enrolment and reimbursement would apply as on other days.

2.       Service will not be available for nursery pupils.

3.       In accordance with the Transport rules, students are not allowed to eat on board of school buses.

4.       Parents would assume full responsibility for the consumption of the food (possible cold-chain interruption) from the moment of the distribution in the school.

5.       The take-away is a cold lunch consisting of a sandwich, fruit, dessert (biscuit/corny bar or similar) and bottle of water. The sandwich would be available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian version and it would be prepared fresh on spot by our staff. Students could choose from 3 different sandwich types and there would be only limited possibility to modify their choice.