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Update on the Canteen - 18.01.2021


With the reopening of the school from 18 January 2021, the canteen will continue with the previous system: hot lunch for nursery and cold lunch box for primary (in the classroom) and secondary (in the refectory).

Vegetarian version of the lunch box is available.

Fresh vegetables will be served for primary and soup for nursery and secondary.

Wednesday lunch and snacks for OIB will continue in the same way as before Christmas.

NEW – Lunch box will include alternatives to sandwiches on 2 days per week (mainly pasta salads).

NEW – Canteen ordered trays for secondary pupils to facilitate the service and improve social distancing.

NEW – Vegetarian option for primary

In response to parents’ demand, pupils of primary classes will be able to opt for a vegetarian lunch box.

N.B Please note that this option will be applied as default to every day of the canteen enrolment until further notice. Requests must be submitted exclusively via MyAPEEE  until Thursday, in order to be taken into account as of Monday of the following week. The request will be available in MyAPEEE from 19/01/2021 and the vegetarian lunch boxes will be available from 25/01/2021.