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Update on the Canteen – 08/12

Please find the latest news about the canteen:

  1. As part of the lunch box, we now serve daily fresh vegetables for all primary pupils. The veggies are delivered in a single box and distributed in the class to reduce plastic waste. The menu for primary is available here.
  2. The first test of cold pasta salad last week was a resounding success. We will serve it again this week for P1-P2. On Tuesday 08/12, it will be “pâtes grecques/pesto relâché à l’huile d’olive citronnée/olives/ du jambon d’Ardennes en brunoise/dés de tomate”, the recipe for Thursday 10/12 will be available on the canteen webpage soon. Parents are strongly encouraged to provide their child with reusable spoon to reduce plastic waste. 
  3. The canteen would very much like to serve an alternative to sandwiches for all pupils, but we still face some problems with the logistics. We hope to find a solution from January at the latest.
  4. Secondary pupils can pre-order a vegetarian option of the lunch box via Online Sales in MyAPEEE. The menu for secondary is available here.
  5. For secondary exams, canteen offers modified schedule of the lunchtime. Details are available from educational advisors.
  6. We would very much appreciate your feedback about the quality of lunch boxes. For your evaluations and comments, you can use our online feedback form, which will be available daily until we can return to normal service. Thank you very much in advance!

We wish you a happy and blessed Advent season!

The canteen team