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TRANSPORT - New seating arrangements and fixed places on our buses


Your APEEE has applied a new seating and safety protocol on our school buses as of 16/11. It includes the designation of three separate zones on each bus, corresponding to the three educational levels: MAT pupils in the first rows, P pupils in the middle of the bus, S pupils in the back of the bus (empty rows separate each zone). Siblings are seated together.

This week we are registering the fixed seating places for everyone on the bus. We count on your cooperation to explain to your children that they should always keep the same seat on each bus they take (morning or afternoon), next to the same friend. This is an important step to allow tracing in case of confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

Reminder! All pupils wear face masks on the bus, at all times!

For more information on the APEEE Covid-19 safety measures, please consult the Covid-19 webpage