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Lje project - Mini-enterprise 2021/2022


Dear parents,

Do you want to help our students acquire "real life" skills?

The mini-enterprise has been, for over 40 years, challenging students create a product or service and discover in the process their leadership and entrepreneurship abilities. Each group of about 5 to 10 students is guided by a coach. This year, would you consider becoming a coach? 


The ideal profile should have some experience with entrepreneurship (in the for profit or non profit spheres) or alternatively some project management experience. Since Lje provides a number tools and a calendar, the most important would be the ability to connect to our students, motivate them and guide them. They are often very self-motivated, so coaching them is more about supporting them as they learn how to handle frustrations, team work issues and other inevitable parts of the process.

This year, we are particularly interested in having coaches to support our Greek students, but all nationalities are welcome.

The commitment is one period a week over about 8 months to coach one group. If conditions allow, coaching would happen in school but distance coaching is possible (although less effective arguably).

To hear more about this opportunity to help, please contact (and mention you would like to help EEB3).