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Inclusion starts with “I”: Let’s make our school and communities more inclusive!

At the APEEE Working Group on Inclusion and Educational Support, we work to further strengthen and promote messages of inclusion and belonging, not just in school, but also in our homes and the various communities we live in because inclusion efforts start with oneself and the example we give to those around us. Many of us might still vividly remember what it felt like when we were left out of a playing group or were chosen last because of how we looked or what we wore… These behaviours sometimes continue into adulthood, but we are so busy with our everyday lives that we often give little importance and just don’t acknowledge it.. This is why we would like to share with you this short 3-minute video to remind us – of the importance of inclusion, although starting from our adults’ point of view, The video addresses a range of issues around inclusivity and aims to raise awareness and promote greater understanding.

Watch the video 

The pandemic has rattled the lives of all of us, but some minority groups and individuals have been particularly adversely affected in different ways (e.g., single parents, aged population, racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, etc.). We would like to call on all our school community to help boost our efforts to promote awareness, understanding and solidarity of what inclusion really means, as it concerns all of us – in our schools, workplaces, and wider communities. If there are any issues around inclusivity within the school context, that resonate with your family, please be aware that the APEEE Working Group on Inclusion and Educational Support is the forum where these can be addressed. The Working Group can be contacted via