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Enrolments 2023/2024 – Useful information

Please find some useful information about the enrolment in the APEEE services for the school year 2023/2024.


Enrolment dates for the School Year 2023/24:

Annual fee (50 euros)



As of 15 May 2023



Extracurricular Activities



1st phase


Canteen & Transport

1st – 20 June


Extracurricular Activities

20 June – 1st July

2nd phase


All services

As of 10 July


N.B. Due to the holidays of the APEEE staff, no technical assistance from 15/7 to 27/8


Please note:

  1. Enrolments in the APEEE services are not automatically renewed. Parents will receive timely a communication with more specific instructions regarding the enrolment procedure.
  2. Access to your 2023/2024 enrolment webpage will remain blocked, until payments a) and b) listed below have been made:
    1. the total fees for services in 2022/2023 and
    2. the annual family membership fee (50 euros) for 2023/2024.

To make these payments, please log in to MyAPEEE.

N.B. Please make sure that the school year selected in your account corresponds to the specific payment that you are making.

3. Payment for 2023/2024 enrolment in the Canteen and Transport will only be possible from 1/9/2023. Parents will receive timely a communication with more specific information.

4. Payment for 2023/2024 enrolment in the Extracurricular Activities is to be made upon confirmation of the enrolment in an activity (messages to be received after phase 1 & 2) until 31 August 2023.


How to enroll

  1. Log in to MyAPEEE using your usual credentials.

If you have problems signing in, click here to request a new password.

If it still does not work, please contact

  1. Go to MyAPEEE tutorials and follow the links to the video tutorials which will provide you step-by-step indications in order to pay the annual fee and enroll in each of the three services.
  2. Once you have completed your registration, click on the SUBMIT button.


Kind regards,

APEEE Ixelles