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Canteen Organisation & Safety measures as of 14 / 09

Canteen organization from 14 September 2021[1]



a) Timetable:

Meals served to pupils from 11.15 to 12.45, more precisely:


Nursery + P1 +  P2



P3 + P5






b) Service:

  • All food is served individually at the table by the table service staff, incl. second helpings.
  • Salad / soup bars and milk fountains will not be available to avoid circulation.
  • Glasses/carafes: provided on the table, service by canteen staff and supervisors
  • Bread/fruit/dessert: served at table
  • Vegetarian option available as of P3. Pupils must be enrolled for vegetarian option for whole term. Pupils collect their meal at the kitchen door.


c) Preventive measures COVID - 19:

  • Dedicated points of entry and exit. Use of other entries/exits is forbidden.
  • Distancing of min. 1,5m between “class bubbles” at all times.
  • Fixed tables seating plan for tracing purposes, on the basis of “bubbles”. Pupils are not allowed to leave the table, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Proper hand hygiene before and after the lunch. School supervisors will ensure that all pupils disinfect their hands.
  • Class supervisors will be wearing facemasks during the whole lunchtime.
  • Constant and maximum ventilation: all doors and windows left open. Pupils need to dress sufficiently on days of cold weather. CO2-level measurement in the refectory.
  • Pupils are requested not to clean the plates and not to collect the dishes after the lunch, to avoid circulation and contacts.
  • N.B. For the time being, microwaves will not be available for tartinistes


e) Special arrangements:

  • Pupils receiving educational support or extra lessons during lunchtime will receive a cold lunch box, delivered in the respective classroom indicated by the school.
  • Separate canteen rules are applicable on Wednesday.




a) Timetable:

Meals served to pupils from 12.50 to 13.40, more precisely:


S1 + S2


S3 + S4 + S6


(13:30 last meal served )

S5 + S7



b) Service:

  • Cutlery/plate/towel: self-service at the entrance
  • Glasses/carafes: provided on the table
  • Meals: provided in bowls on the tables, pupils serve themselves
  • Bread/fruit/dessert: served at table
  • Meal supplement: pupils help themselves to the warming trolleys
  • Soup: pupils help themselves to the warming trolleys
  • Clearing: pupils do it themselves, by the exit doors
  • Vegetarian option: pupils collect their meal at the kitchen door by showing their badge (with green sign). Pupils must be enrolled for vegetarian option for whole term.


c) Preventive measures COVID-19:

  • Zone indication by level: pupils will be asked to respect the zones indicated by signs (S1 / S2 /S3 etc.)
  • Constant and maximum ventilation: open doors and windows
  • Entry through turnstiles / Exit through the 3 evacuation doors on the bus car park
  • Sanitising gel at the entrance and exit + several points in the room
  • Mandatory mask when moving around (supplement, soup, other)
  • CO2-level measurement in the refectory.


d) Microwave:

Outside the refectory, near the Canteen office. Available to secondary pupils, with disinfectant gel to disinfect the handle. The microwaves will be cleaned at the end of the day by the kitchen staff.



[1] Based on circulars FWB 8212 and FWB 8213.